You’re almost done. You’ve scheduled the final walkthrough on a house you’re hoping to buy. This walkthrough is the final inspection point before you decide to make the biggest purchase of your life. The prospect is exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. You need to make the most of your final walkthrough in order to make the best decision. The following are a few vital tips to help you inspect the property thoroughly during your last visit.

Bring back your home inspector
medium_9975843If you brought in a home inspector the first time through, bring him or her back again. The benefits to this are three fold:

  1. The inspector is a professional that can give you a knowledgeable opinion on several iffy aspects of the house. He or she will likely spot something that you would have normally missed. He or she is a valuable asset to have with you, even if you’ve already brought him or her before.
  2. If there were any repairs to be made based on the previous walkthrough, your inspector can check them for quality.
  3. Using the same inspector can often get you a revisit for a fraction of the original fee—many times ranging from 25% to 50% of the original cost. Considering the total price of a mortgage, the reduced price to have a professional on board is well worth the price.

Try everything
Test every appliance, flip every switch, and turn every valve. Make sure that everything that should work on the property does.

Open every window and test out every door. You need to know how well the house works before you decide to make it yours. Ideally the only financial obligation you’ll have at the end of the day is your VA home loan. Be wary of homes that come with obvious problems that you will have to pay money to fix. It may not be worth the purchase. And if it is, then it is worth negotiating to receive a discount on the asking price of the home.

Be okay with walking away

Just because your heart is set on making this decision, it doesn’t mean that you’re locked in yet. Remember that you still have the ability to walk away if something doesn’t feel right. Follow your instincts and walk away after the final walkthrough if you need to.

You are the consumer. You make the decision, despite the pressure and excitement of the purchase. It’s better to walk away from a home than it is to buy one you’ll regret for the rest of your life. Be okay with walking away until you find the perfect home. Once you find that perfect home, do all you can to make it yours.

Spend the money to bring a professional inspector with you. Take the time to try out everything in the home. Walk in with an “impress me” attitude that leaves you open to walk away from a wrong purchase. If you remember  to follow these three tips, you’ll make the most of your final walkthrough. When done properly, you’ll feel confident in finishing the VA home loan application for your new home.

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