Shopping for a new home can be overwhelming. With social pressure to have a grandiose home and even with internal expectations about the home that you want to buy, it can be hard to understand what you actually need. If you haven’t thought about purchasing a small home, there are many reasons why you may want to consider it. Even though it may be counterintuitive, a small house can be a great investment and a wise purchase.

First, obviously small homes are going to cost less initially. Over time, you will also find that your small home will cost less than a large home. Heating and cooling a small home will be far less expensive than heating and cooling a large home. Any projects that you choose to do within your home will also require less material. The cost of owning a smaller home is substantially less, all things considered.

Second, not only are you going to save money with a large home but you will also save time. Cleaning a big home and maintaining a big home will be more time consuming than cleaning and maintaining a small home. Think of all of the activities you could participate in if you could free up the time that it would have taken to clean and maintain a big house!

Third, splurges are going to be more affordable in a small home. The granite countertops you always wanted are going to be much more realistic if you don’t have as much countertop. Those bamboo floors may finally be in your budget!

So, exactly how small is small enough? Is there such thing as too small? These are questions you will have to consider for your family. Maybe each of your children do not need their own room or maybe you can forego having a walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Really take time to re-evaluate your priorities and figure out what size home is going to work the best for you and your family. Figure this out now, and you may find that you are happier than ever with the next home you purchase!

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