Foreclosure on your home can be a scary and disheartening thing. To help home owners evade those feelings, here are some tips on how to avoid home foreclosures.


Make your Payments

This may seem oblivious but if you can afford to make your payments on time, do it.  If you cannot make your payments, negotiate with your lender to figure out some options you may have.


Do It Soon

Missing or falling behind on mortgage payments is serious and will need to be addressed with your lender as soon as possible. Speaking with your lender can offer solutions before the foreclosure process begins.


Work with Professionals

Work closely with your lender and the government. There are many scam artists who prey on foreclosure victims and you don’t want to be one of them. By communicating with your professional lenders and the government, you ensure you’re taking the right steps to keep your home.


Look for Possible Solutions

Some lenders may agree to reorganize the terms of your loan, and/or accept late or partial payments until you are back on your feet. Other solutions can include government assistance or the reselling your home.


Stay in Your Home

You must stay in your home to quality for assistance from government programs. By leaving your home, government assistance options immediately rescind.


Do Not Sign Paperwork You Don’t Understand

If you sign something without full understanding of what it agrees to, you could be signing your home away or agreeing to payments you can’t make. Read and understand everything before entering into agreements.

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