Homeowners insurance is an important part of the ownership process. It protects your home and property from potential hazardous and financial losses due to circumstances beyond a home owner’s control.

Why Home Owners Need Insurance

Home owners need home insurance to protect their assets and satisfy their mortgage lender. Having insurance on your home protects your financial investment and that of the lender by shielding the home from disaster and high repair costs. It also ensures your property can be replaced in case of incident and that homeowners are not liable for injuries of others that may have occurred on the property.

Home Insurance Coverage

Home insurance policies can be customized per each home, but most policies include coverage of Dwelling, Personal Property, Loss of Use, Personal Liability and Medical Payments. Be sure to discuss options with your insurance agent when deciding on a policy. For instance, if the area you’ll be living in is prone to earthquakes, make sure to get a clause in your insurance stating that will be covered. Also look over your lender’s requirements for insurance and be sure your policy includes them.

Selecting a Provider

Select a provider who is not only cost effective but also is legitimate and has credibility throughout the community. Consider asking relatives and friends about who they use and who they’d suggest. Getting a referral from a trusted friend can speak worlds about the quality of a company.

Signing the Line

Home insurance coverage may not seem important but when it is needed, you’ll be glad you have it. Be thorough and logical about your needs, know your policy, and choose an insurance agent you trust.

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