What a great benefit for veterans who’ve earned their entitlement through military service! Whether you are a veteran, still active-duty, or the surviving spouse of a veteran who passed due to a service-connected injury, taking advantage of this home-buying opportunity can help change your life. If you’ve ever thought about buying a home and feel like you are ready both mentally and financially don’t wait any longer. Interest rates have reached near-record lows in recent months and have held steady for now. It’s anyone’s guess when they will rise again. Low rates combined with all the benefits of a VA loan means your very own home is within reach.

Did you know a VA guaranteed loan can be up to 100% financed? No down payment is required. Even the VA funding fee and any settlement costs, not paid by the seller, can be included. Keep in mind when negotiating a price that the seller or any other party can pay up to 4% of settlement or closing costs for the veteran. As long as you qualify in terms of credit and income and the sales price does not exceed the appraised value, the one hundred percent financing option will work for you.

What if this isn’t your first home purchase? Or what if you’ve used your VA eligibility already in the past? That’s okay! You can still use your benefit whether you’ve already owned another home in the past. And the only difference in reusing your benefit is a higher VA funding fee. Either way you’re covered.

Here are couple other great advantages to the VA 100% Purchase Loan: you don’t have to pay private mortgage insurance because the VA guarantees or “backs” the loan on behalf of the lender, which encourages the lender to lend money; the lender can’t charge you a penalty for paying the loan off early; the VA limits the amount you can be charged in closing costs; and a VA home loan is assumable, which means your current loan can be “assumed” by another party and if this other party is another veteran they can allow you to use their eligibility to buy another home until the original loan is paid in full.

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