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Investment Property Loans

Investment properties can be single-family units, vacant land, apartments, commercial properties or duplexes which are purchased with the intent of a return on the initial investment.



Investment property mortgages are 30-, 20- or 15-year loans. The personal time an owner puts into the property can vary depending on the repairs, buildings erected and upgrades done to improve the image and equity of the properties



Investment properties often build equity once repairs or developments have been made. Cosmetic repairs, build-outs and modifications to previously existing real estate and additions, or buildings built on vacant properties add to equity and property value which will increase the possible investment return.


Payments & Interest

Loans for investment properties are available for fixed or adjustable rates and most lenders require 20-25% of the loan as down payment. Payments will depend on the interest rate, whether or not it’s a fixed rate mortgage, and the duration of the loan. Many programs are also in place for self employed borrowers and those for 1- to 4-unit properties.

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