The first step to finding a real estate agent is determining if you’d like one to assist in your home buying process. More than 80% of home buyers purchase a home through an agent and experienced agents can net as much as 22% more to your bottom line savings. Agents can easily find quality homes in your preferred areas within your price range and put the buyer’s interests above anyone else.

Real estate agents negotiate pricing and contracts on a daily basis which gives buyers the peace of mind that only comes from using a professional. If you’d like to look into hiring an agent, here are some tips to finding the right one.


Look for Qualifications

All real estate agents are required to have a realtor’s license to sell homes, but there is a National Association of Realtors which requires members to pledge to a strong code of ethics and higher business practices adjacent to a license. If your agent has a license and is a member of this association, it means that you as a buyer will have a better home buying experience and be working with a professional who knows their stuff.


Find Referrals

A good referral from a family member, co-worker, neighbor or friend is one of the best ways to find an agent who will work well for you. Good agents have strong client relationships and make customer’s needs and satisfaction their number one priorities. Hearing from trusted friends about a good home buying experience is a good indicator of an excellent agent.


Attend Open Houses

Attending open houses is a good way to personally meet with agents, gather business cards and information. The way an agent presents themselves at an open house is a good sign of how professional they will be while working with you.


Professional Recommendations

Does your lender or any other professionals you are working with recommend a specific agent? Lenders and other real estate professionals work closely with agents and will know who the top agent in your area is.

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