VA Purchase

VA purchase loans have tremendous benefits over conventional loans. At LoanProConnect, we help you secure these benefits by making sure you get the best loan possible.
Unlike other programs, VA Loans do not require mortgage insurance. Generally, there is an upfront VA funding fee. This is traditionally rolled into the loan or even paid for by the seller. Qualifying for 100% financing is only one of the rare benefits offered as part of a VA loan.


A VA Mortgage Loan Can:

  • Save you hundreds of dollars per month because private mortgage insurance is not required
  • Enable you to purchase a home with ZERO down
  • Lower your interest rate
  • Make it easier to qualify

By taking advantage of a VA mortgage loan, veterans have reduced their monthly payments by hundreds of dollars, putting that money back in their pockets, and potentially saving them tens of thousands in the long run

Every customer has a different financial situation and various options. Our loan officers are experts on the VA program, and we can help you find the perfect loan for you. We will walk you through your specific options and how you can save the most effectively by utilizing a VA home mortgage. Give us a call today at 1.888.407.0010 or fill out the contact form on the side of the page. One of our loan specialists will review your situation one-on-one and create a customized solution for you.

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